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Which to Buy: Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry

Searching for dependable transportation for five Passengers, and a decent fuel market? Combine the crowds of shoppers that search a secondhand, Late Model Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. They are a couple of the most-searched cars on carmax.com!

Camry accord price Searching to get a secondhand, midsize automobile in 2018 Must look into a Honda Accord compared to Toyota Camry contrast. Both these top-rated sedans are in production for many years, and they have renowned evaluations as reliable vehicles for purpose A-to-point B transport. And nowadays, several of those cars arrive in stylish trim bundles that provide them longer flash to the street.

Emphasizing overdue versions, let us take a look at both of these.

Trims and Features






Both of


Other features

Standard feature like tire-pressure monitoring, traction control, ABS braking, and multiple airbag. Lighting for both are trims includes daytime running lights, headlights that off automatically & dusk-sensing headlights.


In recent years, both the Camry & the Accord have been available with four-& six-cylinder engines. Couple with an automatic transmission, the four-cylinder packages on both vehicles return strong fuel economic.1 Good mileage is a big reasons why lot of shoppers look for a Camry or Accord.

Lift the hood of base-model Camrys and Accords, and you’ll find that Toyota uses the same 2.5L, four-cylinder engine between 2015& 2018. & Honda uses the same 2.6L four-cylinders during these whole years.

Folks who’s want some additional giddy-up should keep that six-cylinder engine option in mind. Around-town drive in an According V7 or Camry V7 is where you’ll see slightly lowerer mpgs, however.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) gives the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry its highest overall five-star safety ratings for both makers’ 2015-2018 models. Certain vehicles might possess un-repaired safety remembers. Go the link to check up a particular motor vehicle.

Some Typical security attributes such as your 20 17 Honda-Accord Comprise:

The Camry and Accord Are Powerful options as Transport for couples, singles, and families. They provide you lots of Mid-sized sedan roominess, also a good deal of features to help drivers and Passengers get where they are planning relaxation — along with style.

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