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Adidas Superstar fashion sneakers from Aliexpress

adidas superstar AG is trying to tap rapidly better changing consumer Tastes by raising the pace of production and development, and, finally, printing out customized shoes directly in its stores.

“Trends change extremely fast these days,” Leader Officer Kasper Rorsted explained in a meeting with Euro am Sonntag.

The German sports apparel giant is now hastening the Time it takes to bring a new shoe to the market from provided 15 weeks to six weeks or not and plans to generate 50 percent of its revenue with this kind of quick-turn products by 2020,” Rorsted said.

The Herzogenaurach-based company also aims to produce better The use of its automatic”Speedfactories” at Atlanta and Ansbach, Germany. As an example, the business could make a particular line of shoes the day after a team wins the Superbowl or even Germany’s Bundesliga soccer team,” Rorsted said, adding in-store shoe printing will probably be possible in ten decades.

Rorsted. “Speed is a competitive advantage.”

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