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2019 Ford Ranger FX4 vs 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD

Within minutes of picking up a shiny blue 2019, Tacoma vs ranger noticed that it had been generating a lot of attention from my fellow motorists. When driving around in Skittle-coloured sporty exotics, one anticipates this kind of reaction, however, perhaps not therefore from a new pickup, notably the one that’s been available elsewhere on the planet for a couple of decades, even though it’s just now reaching automobile.

What it shows is that Canadians still adore their trucks and Though the majority of the gawking originated in fellow truck drivers, my Instagram article of the Ranger generated a lot of response from those who don’t typically comment in my automotive posts, which makes me wonder exactly what the heck Ford was thinking during the last eight years they will have neglected to offer a Ranger within our market.

It was that the guy was driving the gray Tacoma contorting himself to Snap a cell phone pic of this newest Ford that reaffirmed the requirement to compare Ford’s new truck to Toyota’s venerable midsize rig.

Toyota’s media department has been kind enough to provide up a Voodoo Blue 2019 Tacoma TRD Guru with terse note, also while this top-tier trimming is not a direct competitor, price-wise, to the mid-level XLT trim Ranger, the majority of the critical details — power trains, hauling, and yes, even the infotainment systems — are exceptionally similar.

While full-size truck earnings stagnated from the US (and diminished in Canada) in 2018, revenues of compact trucks raised, with all the Tacoma being the earnings pioneer (unless you consider that the GM Colorado and Canyon twins together). The entire sales amounts of the smaller springs still fall well short of the bigger siblings, however, make no mistake the midsize pickup market is a significant one for its manufacturers who are engaging in the segment.


Style is a subjective matter, and now being trucks, should not we be more focused on operational things over shape? Yes but one look around the promenades and parking lots of, well damn near anywhere in the united states, and also you’re going to see a good deal of trucks (sometimes expensive and very elaborate ones) that aren’t being used for anything more than a status symbol or fashion statement.

So, to that end, we’ve got a pair of trucklets here which Grabbed plenty of eyeballs across the Greater Toronto Area.

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